Where and when does Beauty Forum Milano take place?

Beauty Forum Milano will take place from 27th to 28th October 2019 at MiCo – Milano Congressi, Via Gattamelata 5 – entrance Gate 14.

What are the opening hours of the fair?

Visitors opening hours: 9.30am to 6.30pm.

Exhibitors opening hours: 8.30am to 6.30pm.

Who can visit Beauty Forum Milano?

The event is exclusively open to beauty and wellness professionals.

Visitors must register on this website to purchase tickets for Beauty Forum Milano.

If you are not registered yet:REGISTER HERE!

If you are already registered, log in and enter your reserved area, where you can select the TICKETING section to purchase your ticket.

Is the event open to children?

Given the business nature of the exhibition, we advise against bringing children during the event.

Children under the age of 14 can enter the exhibition only if accompanied by a parent or guardian, who can purchase a discounted CHILD RATE TICKET (0-13 YEARS OLD) at the price of €10, and must fill out a release form available at the ticket counters. The Child Rate Ticket is valid for one day and allows only one entry.

It is possible to purchase this type of  ticket exclusively at the ticket counters, during the opening days of Beauty Forum Milano. The child and the adult must be both present at the time of purchase.

The parent or guardian accompanying the child must have a valid ticket to enter the exhibition.

Are dogs allowed to enter the exhibition?

Dogs are strictly forbidden inside the exhibition, except for dogs serving disabled people.

What is the address of the fair complex?

Via Gattamelata, 5 – 20149 Milano

Which entrances to the fair complex are in use?

Pedestrian entrance: Gate 14.

How do you get to MiCo?

Click HERE>> to find out how to get to Beauty Forum Milano.


What’s the ticket price and what is possible to visit?

The entrance ticket is valid for both days of the exhibition. It allows to visit both the exhibition area and to take part in the events and conferences of Beauty Forum Milano.

Ticket price:
Online until 30th September 2019 – €35,00
Online from 1st October 2019 – €45,00
During the exhibition days – €45,00

It is necessary to be registered on our website in order to purchase the ticket or activate a code.

How many tickets can be purchased?

Each visitor can purchase only 1 ticket after registering on our website.

Is it possible for different visitors belonging to the same company to use the same email address?

No, it’s not possible: each visitor must use his/her email address to complete the registration successfully and purchase the ticket.

What online payment methods are accepted?

The allowed payment methods to purchase the ticket online are exclusively the following: Visa, Mastercard and Moneta.

Are tickets refundable?

No, purchased tickets are not refundable and cannot be modified.

I need assistance to complete my online purchase/register on the website

For assistance to purchase your ticket, please contact:
Tel.: + 39- 041 2719009
Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm / Saturday from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm

Are there special rates for beauty professionals?

If you are a beauty professional, you can ask for your personal discount code here.

What is the Personal Discount Code?

The Personal Discount Code is a code issued by the exhibiting companies or by partners of the exhibition. It allows to purchase only one Beauty Forum Milano ticket at a reduced rate, ONLY IF ACTIVATED ONLINE  within 26th October 2019.

Each visitor must activate the Personal Discount Code online in order to purchase the ticket at a discounted rate: it will be possible to choose between buying the ticket directly online or download and print an Activation Receipt, that must be shown at the ticket counters and will allow to purchase the ticket at the discounted rate directly at the exhibition.

In order to activate the Personal Discount Code, it is necessary to login to the reserved area, select the ticketing section and click on the button ACTIVATE YOUR CODE.

I have an entrance ticket with a code to activate: what should I do?

The paper entrance ticket is the admission ticket that must be shown to access Beauty Forum Milano. The ticket is valid ONLY AFTER THE ONLINE ACTIVATION within 26th October 2019.

It is necessary to activate the code by logging in the reserved area, select the ticketing section and click on the button ACTIVATE YOUR CODE.

Are there discounted tickets for groups of visitors?

No, there aren’t. The online procedure allows only to purchase a single ticket for each registered user.

Can Professional Schools enter the exhibition at a discounted rate?

Professional schools can benefit from discounted entrance tickets available only for groups equal to or greater than 10 students. These tickets are valid for one day and allow to visit both the exhibition area and to take part in the events and conferences of Beauty Forum Milano.
Each ticket will cost € 25, and also accompanying teachers can benefit from this discounted rate (1 teacher every 10 students).
The discounted tickets at € 25.00 can be purchased only by online ACCREDITED schools. CLICK HERE to discover how to participate.

Are there discounted rates for people with disabilities?

Beauty and wellness professionals with disabilities, interested in visiting Beauty Forum Milano, can purchase their entrance ticket at the discounted rate of  €30.00.
The ticket  is valid for both days and allows to visit the exhibition area and to take part in the events and conferences of Beauty Forum Milano.

These tickets are not available online because it is necessary to provide documentation on-site to certify  the disability.
You can show one of the following documents directly at the ticket counters:


It will be possible to buy the tickets directly at the ticket counters by showing one of the documents mentioned above.

In addition, if the visitor with disabilities needs an accompanying person, the latter will receive a free entrance ticket valid for one day: the free ticket for the accompanying person is provided if the visitor with disability has the documentation specified above. The accompanying person must be at least 18 years old and must be able to provide assistance during the visit (travel, guide or assistance in case of evacuation).


Which sectors are represented at the fair?

  • SPA

Is it possible to purchase products during the exhibition?

It is not allowed to sell or purchase products during the exhibition.


Are there any partner hotels with special room rates for Beauty Forum Milano?

Yes, to check the list of  hotels with special room rates for Beauty Forum Milano, click here.

Is there a cloakroom and luggage deposit service?

Yes, the cloakroom and luggage deposit service is available in the reception area. The price per item/luggage is  € 3.00.